Telecommunications and Critical Infrastructure

Based the patented Energy Management Platform, our Hybrid Power Systems Portfolio comprises three turn key power solutions which are available in a range of configurations.

Each solution incorporates a SmartHub Precision Controller offering flexible, high availability power, while removing the need for ad-hoc or periodic site visits to determine the state of an installation. Transforming site maintenance processes by moving from a reactive to predictive mode of operation.

The systems accurately reports the health of a site or cluster; clearly and concisely. Learning algorithms characterize the performance of each system element, monitor trends to identify early signs of performance change and automatically take appropriate corrective actions. Exceptional alarming to reduce reported events and clearly identify sites that require immediate action.


Opex reductionReduce energy related OPEX

Capex reductionReduce energy related CAPEX

reliabilityIncrease site reliability

SPS Hybrid Power

Hybrid control cabinet with integrated battery compartment. Factory configured for rapid deployment. Operation with existing or external generators.

SPS Solar Compact

Rapid deployment solar hybrid with hybrid control cabinet, battery cabinet and solar frame. Flat pack design for ease of transportation.

SPS PowerCube

High availability 2n configuration with dedicated generator cabinet, housing a dual generator system and separate communications / ancillary equipment cabin.

Custom Development
SPS Custom Develop

In addition to our standard designs, our Engineers are able to undertake custom design projects to meet specific customer requirements.

Key Features

Choose a Silver Power Systems solution for your application and benefit from day one.

  • Energy Management Platform

    Accurate reporting of site status enables improved business and operational process

  • Site Load

    Configurations available to power site loads ranging from 50W to over 10kW

  • Improved Site Availability

    Identify early signs of performance change and automatically take corrective action

  • Redundancy

    Systems available in n, n+1 or 2n configurations to achieve up to 99.999% site availability

  • Independent Operation

    Autonomous operation in the event of communications failure with the system

  • Power Sources

    Generators, electricity grid, solar panels and wind turbines

  • Cost Saving

    Improved insights and fine control, reduce energy related CAPEX and OPEX

  • Power Storage

    Fuel cells, Lead Acid, Lithium Ion and Float batteries

  • Additional Capabilities

    Expand the system to intelligently monitor non power systems and provide additional security at the remote site

  • Sectors

    Designed to meet the needs of a range of sectors spanning telecommunications to transportation