Electric Vehicles

Silver Power Systems engineers have extensive experience in Li-ion cells, batteries, battery management systems and power electronics gained from working on battery system developments with partners such as LG-Chem, Panasonic and SAFT. We support EV developers by providing reference power system and software architecture designs, testing & benchmarking systems for Li-ion batteries and a full set of control algorithms:

  • Li-ion Software Control Reference Architecture

    – Master BMS reference architecture
    – Dynamic Charge algorithms
    – Li-ion battery data capture & analysis
    – OTA software updates

  • EV Development Testing

    – Install small data telematics module into a vehicle, connects to Battery & Powertrain CAN bus to capture data
    – Automatically uploads to a management server to run performance reports & compare test vehicle performance
    – Long term analysis of battery performance, usage and degradation

  • EV Fleet Management

    – EV vehicle Fleet management system – data capture & management of EV and PHEV vehicle fleets of up to 5000 vehicles

  • Network Charge Infrastructure Management

    – Li-ion cell selection, module design, BMS reference architecture
    – Dynamic software control algorithms at a cell, module & system level
    – Charge management & adaptive charge algorithms
    – Management reports to ensure long term battery warranty protection
    – CAN bus data acquisition and system performance diagnostics
    – Multivehicle charge management for constrained grid supply locations

The EV-ops platform combines in-vehicle logging, advanced communications, and cloud hosting with sophisticated self-service analytics and data visualization to give comprehensive real-time and through life vehicle and battery monitoring.

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Current Projects

The WIZer Batteries project brings together Silver Power Systems with Williams F1 advanced-engineering and experts in cell performance modelling at Imperial College alongside, Zapgo Carbon-Ion cells and Codeplay acceleration.

Building on Silver Power Systems Patented Hybrid Battery systems designs, and using advanced multi scale modeling, the project aims to deliver a highly innovative system design and management system for a hybrid combination of cell technologies that will enable a very high-performance battery for EV and Motorsport applications. The new approach to the battery management system will result in many benefits including faster charging, enhanced power delivery and longer battery lifetimes, combined with remote telemetry for performance optimisation and through life management.

Supported by the Advanced Propulsion Center, the Silver Power Systems MODev development is a monitoring, optimization and diagnostics tool designed specifically to support manufacturers in EV platform development. With its ability to simultaneously monitor multiple CAN buses with support for multi-vendor protocols it speeds up systems integration and problem solving on vehicles with multiple independent CAN buses and components from different OEM suppliers. With a built-in cellular data modem it can stream real time performance data to a server for more detailed analysis using the Silver Power Systems data visualisation tools and diagnostics.