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Silver Power Systems

Silver Power Systems is a global leader in power systems design, energy systems integration and bespoke leading edge product design and innovation. Our patented Energy Management Platform enables partners to differentiate and create new paths to market. We are growing quickly and have an expanding list of top-tier customers in many sectors and across multiple countries.

Silver Power Systems offer a unique combination of expertise in power, battery, technologies, remote monitoring and sensing, and secure communications that are relevant for mission-critical power systems across a range of sectors and industries, supported by a broad IP portfolio. With our in house software, imbedded firmware, mechanical and thermal design capability, alongside our power systems and power electronics capability, we are able to realise complete product designs and bring them to market in short timescales. We are experienced in DFM and working with global tier 1 contract manufacturing companies to rapidly scale production for our customers. Our network management platform is based on a third-generation Cloud technology platform for remote equipment monitoring and control. We provide solutions which are easy to install and maintain, and offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Silver Power Systems solutions bring performance and simplicity to a complex environment.

Energy Management Platform

The patented Silver Power Systems Energy Management Platform is a comprehensive software suite, that unleashes the full potential of Lithium Ion batteries in industrial energy applications. The Platform provides control, monitoring, management and reporting of all energy generation, energy storage and energy efficiency assets.

Using the power of the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics, our 4 layer software architecture allows the platform to be easily customised to meet the specific needs of licensees.

Service Management

  • Performance Reporting
  • SLA Compliance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Maintenance Scheduling

Energy Applications

  • Resilience / Load Priority
  • Arbitrage (Load Shift)
  • Arbitrage (Load Response)
  • Arbitrage (Time of Day)
  • Charge Control
  • Battery Management
  • Hybrid Generator
  • Hybrid Solar
  • Solar Only
  • EnvironmentalEnviron-

Energy Operating System

  • Cloud Communications
  • Energy Generation Control
  • Energy Storage Control
  • Efficiency Management

SmartHub Precision Controller

Precision #1
Precision #2

The SmartHub Precision is a powerful and versatile control and monitoring device. Its applications include telecoms, electric vehicles, UAV's and buildings and facilities management.

The SmartHub Precision is a flexible platform offering multiple I/O ports to which sensors and equipment are connected and can perform many functions including site equipment control and facilities monitoring.

The SmartHub Precision interfaces to the remote Silver Power Systems Manager system via a wired or wireless IP link to provide sophisticated network monitoring and individual site control from a central location.

   Download data sheet - SPS Precision Controller


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