Silver Power Systems REDTOP Funding Winner

Silver Power Systems wins UK Government support and funding to advance electric vehicle battery monitoring platform

(Swindon, UK – 9 October 2020) – An engineering partnership led by Silver Power Systems (SPS) has won UK Government support and funding to develop a sophisticatedelectric vehicle battery simulation capability, and integrate it into EV-OPS,  Silver Power Systems’ electric vehicle battery data management platform. Use of the platform will give vehicle manufacturers, owners and drivers, powerful insights into battery performance and utilization,  and enable prediction of future battery degradation and remaining useful life.

The news was confirmed today by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The funding is awarded as part of the APC’s Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD) competition. Funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the competition is delivered on behalf of the APC by Cenex, the UK’s Low Carbon and Fuel Cells Centre of Excellence.

Building on Silver Power Systems’ 10 years of experience in deep battery data collection and analytics, the Real-time Electrical Digital Twin Operating Platform.(REDTOP) is  a collaboration with  electric vehicle manufacturers London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), JSC Automotive, and Imperial College London. Imperial College will develop digital twin models specific to JSCA and LEVC vehicles, building on their  Faraday Institution funded multiscale modeling program, using beyond state-of-the-art data-driven physics informed battery models and cell and pack specific parameters.  This is world leading in its use of a 3D thermal electrochemical model including the inner structure of the battery cells, which is expected to provide greater fidelity than previous models. The application by SPS of advanced stochastic data science techniques to generate business intelligence reports on the collected battery data and the use of supervised machine learning algorithms and deep learning provides the opportunity to give insights into battery performance and degradation to the vehicle manufacturers and their customers such as fleet operators and vehicle owners.

Vehicle deployments have already commenced with telematics units being installed  on 50+ LEVC commercial and JSCA passenger vehicles. Data collected will be compared with the predictions from the digital twin model to enable fine tuning of the process to produce accurate prediction of actual performance.

Pete Bishop, Chief Technology Officer , SPS, commented: “We are delighted to receive this support from the APC to add this advanced capability to our EV-OPS platform. By facilitating operational real-time management of expensive vehicle battery assets to allow fleet operators to maximize vehicle utilization and vehicle manufacturers to better understand battery degradation we expect REDTOP to help overcome some of the barriers to more rapid transition of UK fleets to electric vehicles.”

Head of Competitions and Projects from the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Zoe Hall said: “The Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD) competition has been a great success and we’re delighted to support these aspirational projects, which will help contribute to a thriving future in UK Industry. The whole process, along with the review of so many applications, has proved extremely beneficial in showcasing the continued demand for R&D support in this space.”

More details on Project REDTOP are available from Silver Power Systems  and will be released by SPS and its partners in due course.