Electric Vehicles

Silver Power Systems can assist the automotive eco-system navigate to the new world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), providing reference software architecture designs, testing & benchmarking systems in Li-ion batteries and full set of control algorithms.

Key Features

Li-ion Software Control Reference Architecture

– Master BMS reference architecture
– Dynamic Charge algorithms
– Li-ion battery data capture & analysis
– OTA software updates

EV Test Fleet Data Capture

– Install small capture module into vehicle, connects to battery & CAN bus to capture all valid data
– Automatically uploads to management server to run performance reports & compare test vehicle performance

Network Charge Infrastructure Management

– Network management system to remote manage 10,000 charging infrastructure points.
– V2G demand management
– Ability to integrate solar to lower energy costs
– 2nd Life battery utilization system


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Silver Power Systems Capabilities

– Li-ion cell selection, module design, BMS reference architecture

– Dynamic software control algorithms at a cell, module & system

– Charge management & adaptive charge algorithms

– EV vehicle test system – data capture & management of test fleet of up to 200 vehicles

– Management reports to ensure long term battery warranty protection

– CAN bus data acquisition and system performance diagnostics